Chef's Market at Pullman Yards X The Gumbo Gourmet

Chef's Market at Pullman Yards X The Gumbo Gourmet

Our most recent partnership with the Historical Pullman Yards with Chefs Market was nothing short of extraordinary.  Not only was the venue a beautiful place, but the fellow vendors offered a blend of flavors and food experienced that is truly unparalleled.

Gumbo in the Spring & Summer?

While Gumbo is traditionally a cold-season meal, its popularity knows no bounds. People indulge in this cajun dish year-round, albeit at a slower pace during the warmer months. To cater to our customers' changing preferences, we have taken our delectable Gumbo and Po'Boys out of the store and into the world through events and pop-ups.  

People are buying the gumbo!  But, the po'boys are taking a front seat with the cajun andouille sausage shipped from Louisiana, the cajun chicken, and most loved, the cajun grilled shrimp.  

Our Debut at Chef's Market

This past Mother's Day marked our first appearance at Chef's Market, where we served guests our signature Cajun Gumbo and a variety of Po'Boys. The response was overwhelming, fueling our passion to bring more hearty and flavorful Cajun items to the forefront. 

We will be at The Chef's Market again for Fathers Day Weekend!  Be on the lookout!

Saturday 6/15:

Sunday 6/16:

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What's Next?

As we gear up for the Fall of 2024, we are excited to be reopening with our original hours again, and introduce a revamp of our menu featuring some new Cajun delights.

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