Secrets to Using Gumbo Starter Roux Base

Secrets to Using Gumbo Starter Roux Base

Gumbo Starter Roux Base, made by none other than The Gumbo Gourmet, herself, was created to be the key to a traditional gumbo by taking the guesswork (and time) out of making roux. But, we have discovered some things about the base to knock the socks off your next meal!

Carefully made in small batches, with a complex blend of dry cajun spices and ingredients, creating a rich and savory flavor profile, our Gumbo Starter Roux Base guarantees to bring a lift to any meal.

Gumbo Starter Roux Base has more than one use!

In addition to taking the guesswork out of roux for gumbo, our Roux Base makes an amazing gravy and thickens soups and stews by adding broth or water, instead of oil.

We have also discovered (by accident) that it can be used as a breading to fry chops, chicken, fish or vegetables.

Can't forget how we elevated a 4 lb chuck roast by dredging it in the Roux Base before browning and braising creating a flavor-packed gravy like never before.

Elevate your culinary experience, and grab some today!  It ships anywhere in the USA.

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